I can hardly believe that I get to make a career out of doing something I enjoy so much, with a schedule that is flexible for my family.  

I can recall watching and learning the art of sewing from my mother and grandmother at a very early age.   I took this skill with me to college and later designed and handcrafted the gown I wore at my wedding.  My husband and I moved from Chicago to Southern California, where I began perfecting my skill with the machine and my eye for design.  My friends encouraged me to apply my talents and began hiring me to consult in their homes.  This quickly grew into sewing and design work; and through word of mouth turned into a small business of primarily window treatments.  I was excited for new projects and enjoyed working in my home with my young daughter. 

Our family grew, and we relocated to Texas where we make our home north of Dallas, in Frisco.  As my local network began to build, I quickly realized the vast demand around me for custom sewing.  I increased my market base, and connected with local business partners, which has been invaluable to the growth of my business.

I have been busy with projects throughout North Dallas, working with talented designers and industry leaders.  I love exploring fabrics, and designing creative ways to engineer the final work of art to look and fit perfectly into place.  I look forward to working with new and existing clients to customize their space into just the right look and feel for them.  

The reward for me is seeing the finished work in place and adding to the design of the room.  I look forward to each new project waiting for me to create.